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Below are frequently asked  questions where and you will find the answers. Of course if you do not see what you are looking for, contact us and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.







Who makes the cabinets you sell?

We do! DIY Base 2 DoorCabinets manufactures all of our cabinets. This way you can get exactly what you want, from just one cabinet to as many as you need.

Do you have any stock cabinets ready to go?

No, we do not have any stock cabinets. We make everything to order.

How long does it take to get my cabinets?

From the time your order is placed, you can have your cabinets in as little as a few days. It will mainly depend on the doors and accessories you ordered.

I'm a contractor and/or renovator, do I get a discount off your pricing?

Yes, you can. However we do require proof that you are legitimately in business, ie: GST/HST number, Contractor License, City License etc. to be eligible.

I messed up and need a replacement part!!! What now?

Take a deep breath and relax. Give us a call, DIY Cabinets can make you a replacement part, fast too. You are'nt the 1st person with a "cabinet emergency". We understand and are ready to help.

What type of material do you use to make the cabinets?

For Kitchen, Bathroom and Closets the popular choice is Melamine. For garages melamine is always a good choice, however if you need a lot of moisture resistance a good choice is either exterior grade MDF or MDO plywood. Please see the Learning Center for more information about these materials.

What does RTA and RTF mean?

RTA means Ready to Assemble. This is where you get to put it all together. RTF means Ready to Finish. This typically means there needs some type of finishing, but the parts are all sanded and ready to finish with minimal preparation (sanding).

Do you deliver?

Yes we have a delivery service that will come right to your door and will even help unload if needed. Deliveries can be arranged for any day of the week, holidays excluded.

What type of construction do you use?

DIY Cabinets preferred construction is what's know as mortise and tenon or blind dado. This method is extremely strong and has been used throughout the centuries. The cabinets can be assembled with glue and clamps or with glue and screws. For cabinets that must find there way up or down narrow  or curved stairs and hallways Rafix type fasteners work well. Rafix are a type of semi exposed cam lock system. See the assembly section for more details.

What drawer slide hardware should I use?

This will depend a lot on budget and what the drawers are going to be used for. There are some extremely economical drawer slide that will work on light duty drawers, but they won't last long if you plan on putting any weight in the drawers. And the are slides that are designed for heavy loads such as filing drawers. DIY Cabinets will help you to make sure that what you choose will work for your application.

In your drawing and pictures it looks like all the cabinets are on some type of feet or legs, I thought all cabinets had their own base.

Great question! The legs used for kitchen cabinets, vanities, closets, garage cabinets etc. are adjustable! That means no shimming at the floor and they make quick work of leveling a row of cabinets. There is a detachable trim that clips onto the legs so that they have that finished look. Also if you ever have a wet floor for any reason you don't have to worry about your cabinets being ruined.

For measurements can I use imperial (inches) or do I have to use metric (mm)?

DIY Cabinets uses both imperial and metric, so what ever your comfortable with is just fine. For imperial all dimensions should be in only inches and for metric dimensions should only be in millimeters. Whatever you use be consistent that's what is most important.


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