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Are You Informed?

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Many do it your self people are quite confused and unfortunately clueless about what the are buying when it comes to plywood and lumber. DIY Cabinets will try to de-mystify the whole process and hope to make you an informed buyer. After all you worked hard for your money and there is nothing worse than purchasing the wrong product and spending countless hours building your project only to then realize you used the wrong material. Beware when you hear about plywood being “Furniture Grade”, “Cabinet Grade”, Monarch Grade”, “Shop Grade”, “Paint Grade”, “Stain Grade”, “Appearance Grade”, “Veneer Board” etc. These terms are what’s known as Marketing Terms. They don’t mean anything other than trying to get you to think that you are getting a great deal and at a rock bottom price. Often these “grades” are manufactured specifically for the store or chain of stores so they can offer you something that nobody else has. The names are also often “Exclusive” and made to make you feel that you are getting a great product and at a price point to entice you to buy. When it come to plywood you have all heard the terms “Good 1 Side” and Good 2 Sides” But what does it all mean? Read the posts on Grading Rules and get informed.


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